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How to Use Codegyan PHP Compiler API in PHP

Updated on 18-Apr-2024 12:58:15
In the realm of web development, optimizing PHP code is paramount for enhancing performance and efficiency. The Codegyan PHP Compiler API offers a potent solution for compiling PHP code into executable binaries, unlocking a realm of possibilities for developers. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into utilizing the Codegyan PHP Compiler API directly without the use of an SDK, empowering developers to streamline their PHP development process. Understanding the Codegyan PHP Compiler API: The... Read Mores

How to Add Scroll Animations to a Page with JavaScript’s Intersection Observer API

Updated on 31-Mar-2023 19:32:26
Introduction Scroll animations are an excellent way to engage users and make web pages more dynamic. When a user scrolls through a page, animations can be triggered to create an interactive and immersive experience. One way to achieve scroll animations is through the use of JavaScript's Intersection Observer API. In this article, we will explore what the Intersection Observer API is, how it works, and how to use it to add scroll animations to a web page. What is the Intersection Observer API? ... Read Mores

Write Steps to create a functional and secure API using PHP

Updated on 10-Jul-2023 10:28:37
To create an API using PHP, you can follow the steps below: Determine the endpoints: First, you need to determine the endpoints for your API. An endpoint is a URL that clients can use to access specific data or functionality. Set up a PHP environment: You need to have PHP installed on your server. You can download and install PHP from the official website. Choose a framework: You can choose a PHP framework such as Laravel, Symfony, or CodeIgniter to help you build your API. These frame... Read Mores

How to Use the JavaScript Fetch API to Get Data from an API?

Updated on 20-Feb-2023 0:17:53
In this tutorials, we will learn how the Fetch API can be used to get data from an API. I will be taking a fake API which will contain employee details as an example and from that API. I will show to get data by fetch() API method. JavaScript fetch() method: The fetch() method is modern and versatile and is very well-supported among modern browsers. It can send network requests to the server and load new information whenever it’s needed, without reloading the browser.Syntax: The fetch() m... Read Mores