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The mass and weight of an object on earth are 5 kg and 49 N respectively. What will be their values on the moon? Assume that the acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1/6th of that on the earth.

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Mass value: Since mass is the amount of matter present in our body and it remains same irrespective of the change in position. Therefore the value of mass will be 5 Kg on moon as well.  Weight value: Weight is the force with which an object is attracted by a planet and it is equal to; ~~~\mathrm{ Weight(W) = F = mg} ~~~ Where ~~~m~~~ = mass of the object ~~~g~~~ = acceleration due to gravity On earth weight ~~~(W_1) = mg = 49N ~~~ On moon weight ~~~(W_2) = \dfrac{mg}{6}~~~ (acceleration due... Read Mores

Write the three laws given by Kepler. How did they help Newton to arrive at the inverse square law of gravity?

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Johannes Kepler studied about the planets motion and their positions and. He noticed that motion of th e planets follows a certain law. He gave three laws describing the planetary motion. These are known as Kepler’s laws which are as follows: Kepler’s First law : The orbit of planet is an ellipse with sun at one of the foci. The figure below illustrates the elliptical orbit of earth with sun at its focus. Kepler’s Second law : The line joining the planet and the Sun sweeps equal areas in e... Read Mores

What are (i) free fall (ii) acceleration due to gravity (iii) escape velocity (iv) centripetal force?

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(i) Free Fall: Whenever an object moves under the influence of the force of gravity alone, it is said to be in Free Fall. During free fall initial velocity of object is zero and force of air also acts on an object. Thus real free fall is possible only in vacuum because there is no air. For Example:a) When an object is dropped from the top of the table it falls down only due to gravitational force hence it is under free fall.b) An apple falling from the tree. But when we are standing on the groun... Read Mores

What Is the Difference Between Mass and Weight of an Object. Will the Mass and Weight of an Object on the Earth Be Same as Their Values on Mars? Why?

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Difference between mass and weight of an object is as follows: S. No.MassWeight1.Mass is the amount of matter contained in a body.Weight is the force exerted on a body due to the gravitational pull of another body such as Earth, the sun and the moon.2.Mass is an intrinsic property of a body.Weight is an extrinsic property of a body.3.Mass is the measure of inertia. Weight is the measure of force.4.The mass of a body remains the same everywhere in the universe.The weight of a body depen... Read Mores