Found 5 Questions For Object Oriented Programming

How to Create Objects in JavaScript ?

Updated on 11-May-2024 11:16:07
How to Create Objects in JavaScript JavaScript is a powerful and flexible language that allows you to create dynamic and interactive web applications. One of the fundamental aspects of JavaScript is the use of objects. In this article, we will delve into the process of creating objects in JavaScript. What are JavaScript Objects? JavaScript objects are containers for named values, referred to as properties and methods. They provide a structured approach to programming, allowing you to group re... Read Mores

What is the Scope of Public Access Modifier in Java?

Updated on 31-Mar-2024 13:09:30
In Java, access modifiers play a crucial role in defining the visibility and accessibility of classes, methods, and variables within a program. Among these modifiers, the public access modifier holds a significant position, as it allows unrestricted access to the elements it modifies. Understanding the scope of the public access modifier is essential for Java developers to design robust and maintainable software solutions. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the scope of the publi... Read Mores

What is a Method Signature in Java?

Updated on 30-Mar-2024 12:46:40
In the world of Java programming, method signatures play a crucial role in defining the structure and behavior of methods. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, grasping the concept of method signatures is essential for writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code. In this article, we'll delve into what method signatures are, their components, syntax, and provide comprehensive examples to deepen your understanding. What is a Method Signature? In Java, a method signature is a ... Read Mores

What are Input, Activities & Output of Object Design?

Updated on 10-Apr-2023 21:58:14
Object design is the process of transforming a conceptual model into a concrete implementation. This is done by defining the structure, behavior, and interactions of the objects that make up the system. The input, activities, and output of object design are crucial to creating a successful software system. Input The input of object design is the conceptual model of the system. This includes the requirements and specifications of the system, as well as the use cases and scenarios that the system ... Read Mores

What is Object Design & How its Different from UML Notations?

Updated on 20-Mar-2024 14:14:40
Object design is the process of designing objects in software systems that represent real-world objects, concepts, or entities. It is a critical aspect of software engineering that involves creating a blueprint or a set of specifications that describes the attributes, behaviors, and relationships between objects in a software system. The primary objective of object design is to create a robust and scalable software architecture that is easy to maintain, extend, and modify. In contrast, UML notat... Read Mores