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How To Install WordPress Manually in 2022

Updated on 22-Nov-2021 20:38:49
Generally, there are 2 ways that to put in WordPress manually or with the assistance of software. Install WordPress Using Manually If you like to install WordPress manually. you'll use this technique to make an internet site for everybody to envision on the web or create a area for development. Either way, putting in WordPress manually isn’t as tough as several would possibly think. ENROLL TO FREE COURSE : PHP FREE TUTORIAL LIBRARY WordPress manual installation. It solely takes a number of mom... Read Mores

Top 10 WordPress Magazine Premium Themes in 2022

Updated on 21-Nov-2021 12:25:15
Magazine style layouts theme are getting a lot of and more popular website builders. Undecided what a magazine theme is? Don’t worry, we are aiming to cowl it together. Let’s take a glance at a number of the simplest magazine themes for WordPress. Enroll To Free Course : Free PHP Tutorials Library Why Need a WordPress Magazine Theme? If you're beginning to build a web site with WordPress, you'll have plenty of various selections once it involves best magazine wordpress themes. However, if y... Read Mores

Accept Credit Cards Online with an Merchant Account!

Updated on 01-Nov-2021 9:17:20
If you want to accept credit cards online, you will need to set up a credit card merchant account with a reputable firm. There are a lot of merchant account providers out there, however, Codegyan has teamed up with e-onlinedata to make it easy for our customers to obtain merchant accounts and use the gateway. will integrate into the shopping carts that we provide, such as OSCommerce, CubeCart, WHMCS, etc. The offer we’ve got for our customers is someth... Read Mores

Python String split() and join() Methods – Explained with Examples

Updated on 27-Oct-2021 17:52:26
When working with strings in Python, you may have to split a string into substrings. Or you might need to join together smaller chunks to form a string. Python's split() and join() string methods help you do these tasks easily. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the split() and join() string methods with plenty of example code. As strings in Python are immutable, you can call methods on them without modifying the original strings. Let's get started. Python split() Method Sy... Read Mores