New AdSense for Search (AFS) Site Approval Process

In the ever-evolving landscape of online monetization, staying abreast of policy changes and updates is paramount for website owners. Google AdSense, a prominent player in the realm of digital advertising, has recently implemented a new site-level approval process for AdSense for Search (AFS) sites. Understanding and navigating this process is crucial for publishers looking to leverage AFS to maximize their revenue streams.

What is AdSense for Search (AFS)?

Before delving into the approval process, it's essential to grasp the concept of AdSense for Search. AFS enables website owners to display Google ads alongside search results on their site, providing users with relevant ad content tailored to their search queries. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also generates revenue for publishers through ad clicks and impressions.

The New Site-Level Approval Process:

Google AdSense introduced a revamped verification procedure for AFS sites, slated to commence on March 4, 2024. To utilize AFS on a new site, publishers must add their site to the Sites page within their AdSense account and undergo verification. Existing sites already monetizing with AFS should automatically populate on the Sites page.

Key Details and Deadline:

Publishers have until August 30, 2024, to submit their sites for approval. During this interim period, ads will continue to serve; however, Google will cease to display AFS ads until sites are successfully approved. Adhering to this deadline is imperative to avoid disruption in ad monetization.

Steps to Ensure Smooth Approval:

1. Access Your AdSense Account: Log in to your AdSense account and navigate to the Sites page to begin the verification process.
2. Add Your Site: Input the URL of the site where you intend to implement AFS and follow the prompts to add it to your account.
3. Verify Ownership: Google will prompt you to verify ownership of the site through various methods such as HTML file upload, meta tag insertion, or DNS verification. Choose the method that aligns with your technical capabilities and follow the instructions provided.
4. Submit for Approval: Once verification is complete, submit your site for approval. Google will review the site to ensure compliance with AFS policies and guidelines.

Best Practices for Approval:

  1. Content Quality: Ensure your site offers valuable, original content that aligns with Google's content policies.
  2. User Experience: Prioritize user experience by maintaining a clean, navigable site layout free from excessive ads or intrusive elements.
  3. Compliance: Familiarize yourself with Google's AFS policies and guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid potential violations.
  4. Mobile Optimization: Optimize your site for mobile devices to cater to the growing number of mobile users.


The new site-level approval process for AdSense for Search signifies Google's commitment to maintaining ad quality and user experience standards. By understanding the requirements and adhering to best practices, publishers can seamlessly navigate the approval process and continue monetizing their sites with AFS effectively. Stay informed, stay compliant, and unlock the full potential of AFS to optimize your online revenue streams.