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how to create an English Dictionary App using HTML & Javascript

Updated on 03-Jan-2022 18:11:31
Welcome to today’s tutorial. In this tutorials, we will learn how to create an English Dictionary App using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This fun project is suited for javascript intermediates. In the last tutorial we are created RGB To HEX / Hex To RGB Converter Using Javascript. The dictionary app consists of a search text field and a search button. The user has to enter the word in the text field and click on the search button. The result displays the word meaning, word pronunciation along w... Read Mores

How To Create New Year Countdown using HTML & Javascript

Updated on 26-Dec-2021 23:31:40
Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another tutorial. Since the new year is around the corner, I have decided to create a new year special tutorial. In this tutorial, we will create a countdown to the new year 2022. To create this project we need HTML, CSS and Javascript. Also Read : How to Create a Digital Clock Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript This project is perfect for javascript beginners and intermediates. This tutorial will help you understand the date object in javascript. So let us begin the ... Read Mores