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How to Disable Image Drag and Drop in TinyMCE Editor?

Updated on 14-May-2024 16:58:20
TinyMCE, a powerful WYSIWYG editor, offers extensive customization options to tailor the editing experience according to specific requirements. One such customization is the ability to disable image drag and drop functionality. While drag and drop can be convenient in some contexts, it may not always align with the desired user experience or application functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the methods to disable image drag and drop in TinyMCE. Understanding Image Drag and Dr... Read Mores

How to Delete an Image from the Server using TinyMCE editor with PHP

Updated on 14-Mar-2023 9:11:52
Hello Friends, In this tutorial we will learn how to delete an image from the server using TinyMCE editor with PHP code, you can follow these steps: First, you need to locate the image file on the server that you want to delete. You can use a file manager or FTP client to navigate to the directory where the image is located. Once you have located the image file, you can use PHP code to delete the file from the server. Here's an example code snippet: // Specify the path and file name of the image... Read Mores