Why is iOS better than Android ?

Why is iOS better than Android?

We can't deny that Android is the most used platform worldwide. However, there are various reasons that recommend that iOS phones perform better than Android. Apple has shown how Software and hardware complement each other with the recent releases of iPhones, i.e., iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone XR, etc. Apple has also worked seamlessly on other gadgets like Macs, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It not only provides a device; it provides a closed ecosystem where Software and hardware are built to perform at best. In this article, we will discuss the facts to explain why iOS is better than Android. Following are the reasons why iOS beats Android.

1. Software and Hardware Integration

Apple's iOS is a closed ecosystem, which means that Apple manufactures both Operating systems and hardware and no other company uses either of them to integrate with their services. It gives Apple an edge over Android to provide a better synchronization between hardware and software. On the other hand, in the case of Android, the hardware is built by the brands like Qualcomm and MediaTek (not Google), and also, the Operating system has to be generic for all the devices and brands. Nowadays, brands also make their flavor, which runs on top of Android.

2. Easy to use

It is very easy to use the iPhones since iOS doesn't provide a lot of customization to the user interface, making the new adopters easier to understand. It adds simplicity to the UI, which makes the users habitual of the interface. It doesn't provide multiple options so that the user doesn't get confused while using iPhones. On the other hand, Android provides many options to tweak and change the way the user interface looks. Look into the following image for the iPhone 11 settings app.

3. Regular Updates

Apple is known for its better update timeline since the updates roll in the same date for every device. All the devices get updated on the same date without any discrimination. On the other hand, the android smartphone makers schedule updates according to their priorities and don't sync with Google. This might be because most of the brand gets their flavors to the current android version, which are being tweaked for the next update.

4. Security and Encryption

Apple's iOS and iPhones are built in a way that no one can get into it without the user's permission. The memory on the iPhone is encrypted so that one can't hack the device and read the confidential data. On iPhone X, the fingerprint id and the Face Id are stored directly into the phone instead of the cloud server. The iPhones cannot be easily jailbroken, and if so, we can configure the iOS applications to not be used within a jailbroken device. On the other hand, the Android can be easily rooted and hacked. Android lacks in terms of security.

5. Lack of Choices

There is a lot of confusion when selecting a better phone from a variety of Android smartphones. iPhone doesn't have many varieties like Android, but we can't go wrong while purchasing an iPhone since only two to three models are launched every year. Also, the fact that iPhones differ only in screen sizes, storage space, and camera modules. On the other hand, many specifications have to look into, which are enough to confuse a buyer.

6. 3D Touch

Apple provides the users to give 3D touch inputs, which enables micro menu options. The iOS devices are configured to sense the pressure sensitivity on the screen and enable different input options based on the same. Different iOS applications have also adopted this functionality. On the other hand, the Android struggles to provide such a variety of 3D touch. However, it provides a long-press option, but it is not as responsive as 3D touch in iOS.

7. Absence of Bloatware

Apple comes with no unnecessary bloatware, which makes it worth its money. It also provides the option to remove certain pre-installed applications. On the other hand, we can remove the bloatware only if we root the device.

8. App Store Restrictions

An iOS application has to go through various checks before its release on the App store. No one can crack paid applications on the App store. Apple follows very safe and quality policies to review applications that are submitted on Appstore Connect. The submitted iOS app has to be responsive and follows the standards of Apple while it appears on the screen so that we can get only quality apps on the iPhone device. Apple has also worked upon the review speed, and any iOS application gets live on the App store only within a single working day (if not rejected in review).