The mass and weight of an object on earth are 5 kg and 49 N respectively. What will be their values on the moon? Assume that the acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1/6th of that on the earth.

Mass value: Since mass is the amount of matter present in our body and it remains same irrespective of the change in position.

Therefore the value of mass will be 5 Kg on moon as well. 

Weight value: Weight is the force with which an object is attracted by a planet and it is equal to;

~~~\mathrm{ Weight(W) = F = mg} ~~~


~~~m~~~ = mass of the object

~~~g~~~ = acceleration due to gravity

On earth weight ~~~(W_1) = mg = 49N ~~~

On moon weight ~~~(W_2) = \dfrac{mg}{6}~~~ (acceleration due to gravity is one-sixth of earth).

Hence weight on moon = ~~~ \dfrac{mg}{6} = \dfrac{49}{6} = 8.17N ~~~

Therefore Mass on moon is ~~~\mathrm{5kg}~~~ and weight on moon is ~~~\mathrm{8.17N}~~~.